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Dear Friend,

If you've found this website, you obviously want to learn how to be a better lover.
I don't blame you! Most of the men on this planet want to be a better lover.

I wasn't always good at sex. I've had my highs and lows, but I kept one important thing in mind the whole time. I kept learning. If I encountered a problem, I went searching for information. When I wanted to spice things up, I went searching for information. With all this information I've been able to consistently amaze women in bed and receive rave reviews.

How To Be A Better Lover By
Ignoring What Most People Say

Sure - I became a better lover but it's probably not the way you're thinking. Because if you're looking for sex advice, you're constantly bombarded with new tricks and techniques to please your lover. Just take a look at the cover of Cosmo...

These tricks and techniques sell a ton of magazines, but they really aren't the key to pleasing your lover. To be completely honest, I don't really have that many great tricks up my sleeve. In fact, I can't really think of any mind blowing super techniques I use!

When it comes down to it, sex is just like any other activity. If you want to get good at it, you have to master the fundamentals. Too many guys skip the fundamentals and go straight to "101 super techniques guaranteed to make your lover have instant multiple orgasms tonight!!!" Sure, techniques are fun, but they're not the real reason a woman will orgasm.

You can learn all the techniques in the world, but if you DON'T get a few basic fundamentals right, your love life (and your sex life) will be lacking forever.

Women Aren't Like You

The bottom line is: Women aren't wired the same way as men. And if you truly want to please a woman, you need to think differently.

If you've been searching for sexual advice, you've probably found two main types:

So what is the root cause of not pleasing a woman in bed?

Two Things:
Psychology and Basic Technique

If you want to sexually stimulate a woman, you first need to stimulate her mind. And we're not talking about candle lit dinners or moonlit walks here (although they can help), we're talking about learning the psychological triggers that really get a woman's juices flowing.

Next, you need to know what you're doing in the bedroom. Let's face it, no one teaches us how to make love to a woman. Between sex education class and porn movies, we're screwed... and not in a good way!

As much as the sexual health professionals will try and teach us how to be a better lover by finding the clitoris and other technical sounding body parts... you can't learn to pleasure a woman by separating the physical from the emotional.

And have you ever talked about sex with your friends? The conversation probably consisted of "yeah, I like totally fucked her brains out and she was screaming all night long." It's our macho nature, we're never going to ask for help or pretend we don't know something, especially when it comes to sex.

Sex Should Be Enjoyed by
Both Men and Woman

One of the biggest problems with society is our fear of sex. For some reason it's viewed as taboo and something that should occasionally be practiced but never talked about. For all the sex we see in the media, people are still reluctant to talk about it and unleash their sexuality.

It's nothing 'dirty' or 'disgusting.' It's an expression of love or even just an expression of attraction. You should stop feeling bad about your sexual impulses and embrace them (unless they involve children or animals!).

I want to help people understand their own sexuality and learn how to enjoy it again. Obviously, you want the same thing and that's why you're here. It's time to learn how to be a better lover without all the smoke and mirrors.

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