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Female Erogenous Zones

Believe it or not, a woman's erogenous zones don't just comprise of tits, ass, and vagina. There are twelve, yes twelve, female erogenous zones, some of them more surprising than others. So let's work our way through them.

1. Hair and Scalp

Massaging her scalp and running your fingers, or gently pulling, a woman's hair releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) into her body. So don't forget her hair when you're locked in a passionate kissing embrace.

2. Ears

A woman's ears are filled with sensitive nerve endings that can get the right woman moaning if you do it right. You can lick and nibble around the outer ear but I generally find her earlobes will give the best effect.

It's important to remember that things in your ear are LOUD. So try to keep your tongue out of the inner ear, don't slobber, and try not to breathe or blow too hard into her ear. The easiest way to remember this is have an excited woman start licking your ears and then you'll know just how pleasure can turn into...weirdness.

3. Lips

Women love to be kissed...right! Being a good kisser is basically a prerequisite for being a good lover so this is something you should learn to get right. But have no fear because the complete kissing guide is coming in the next chapter.

4. Neck

Woman also love to have their necks kissed, licked, and sucked (gently). So continue your kissing exploration to her neck and you can judge from her reaction where the most sensitive parts are.

Running your tongue along the bony part where her neck meets her chest should also illicit moans.

5. Hands and Arms

Not the most sensitive part of a woman's body but the reaction is definitely worth stopping by there. You can run your hands up and down her arms, kiss and nibble her inner wrists and elbows, kiss her hands, and gently suck her fingers if you want to really impress her.

This is a great area to mix it up with as even the most experienced men pay it little attention.

6. Back

This is another area that is overlooked by most men and just waiting for your tender caress. Massages are always a great for foreplay but you can also explore this area with your mouth.

Pay particular attention to the back of her neck and the small of her back. And running your tongue down the length of her spine is a popular favourite.

7. Buttocks

When you have the woman on her back it's a great time to show her buttocks some appreciation. Licking, kissing, and massaging will go down well here.

Depending on the woman, the anus is also a great pleasure zone but you need to be careful how you approach it. I find it's best to start by playing with the top of her butt crack and gently sliding your finger up and down. The lower you go, the more you'll know how she's feeling about the situation from the tension (or lack of it) in her body.

8. Stomach

I always enjoy pleasuring a woman's stomach for two reasons. One, because I really think stomachs are sexy, and two, because if you do it while ignoring her breasts you confuse the hell out of her.

Licking her stomach and belly button is a great way to build anticipation so there's no need to rush it. Also pay particular attention to her hip bones and the sides of her stomach if they're not too ticklish.

9. Legs

A woman's legs have so many great spots so you can spend a while down here. Her ankles and just above are particularly sensitive so give them some attention while you're caressing her lower legs. The back of her knees are also very sensitive and require some kissing and licking as you explore.

The inner thighs are about to become your best friend. Not only are they highly sensitive but they put you in a great position to tease. Spend a lot of time licking and kissing her inner thighs and when you change legs gently blow on her genitals to tease her even more. This is obviously a great launching pad for oral sex or to further the anticipation even more you could return back up her body.

But do this at your own risk!

10. Feet

Another area even the most experienced men rarely tread that can really be a crowd pleaser. If you can overcome the tickling sensations and her self consciousness about smelly feet, this is a great place to show off your skills.

Tickly areas are obviously very sensitive but if you treat them right your woman will love you for it. Having her toes sucked will also make her putty in your hands.

11. Breasts

Ok, so breasts are a no-brainer, until it comes to handling them. The nipples are your obvious point of contact but don't forget the rest of the breast. Kissing them all over before making your way to the nipple is another great tease.

Don't forget your hands as well but be gentle and loving with your touch. We're going to go into a lot more detail in a future chapter so you'll be handling those babies like a pro soon.

12. Genitals

For some reason a woman's genitals remain a great mystery to men. I'm not quite sure why they can't find the clitoris. Sure, the G-spot is a little trickier but even that has a roadmap to it. So the next sections will complete your anatomy lesson and you'll know more than most of the men on this planet.

Also, let's not forget that you can also kiss and lick the outside and explore inside as well. It's not all about the clitoris and you should feel free to explore with your mouth and fingers to see what your woman enjoys.

While we're on the subject, here's some trivia to amaze your female friends with. A woman's vagina has two ?well known' forms...there's actually four. But most people will refer to them as either an innie or an outie, just like belly buttons.

An innie is perhaps the one we're most familiar with where the vulva, the outer lips, cover the rest of the vagina. So normally, all you can see is where the two lips meet, leaving a line of skin. However, with an outie, the inner lips of the vagina push through the outer ones. So the vagina is basically always exposed.

It surprised me to learn that most woman don't even know this difference between their bodies and sends them into a wistful silence as they try to decide which one they are.

So that's a quick lesson on the 12 female erogenous zones. I hope you enjoyed it and can make use of it the next time your in the bedroom... or before.

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